R – Silverlight 3.0: Can’t add references beyond v2


I wanted to add System.Data.Linq to my Silverlight 3.0 app, but the only references that are available to me are listed as version 2.0.50727 or lower. Shouldn't I have access to more than that?

In my project's properties, my Target Silverlight Version is set to "Silverlight 3.0" (the only option), and I'm using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2.

Is this expected behavior, or should I be able to add that reference, and more?

Best Solution

You can't access System.Data.Linq in Siverlight, this dll would make no sense in the sandboxed client-side silverlight runtime. Hence no such silverlight dll exists. What you probably need to be looking into is Entity Framework on the server plus WCF to access the data from Silverlight.

For reasons best known by Microsoft all the standard Silverlight dlls have the version numbers even the new ones added to the Silverlight 3 SDK.