R – silverstripe – adding styles to ‘styles’ drop down menu on editor


from the question above, I thought it would be relatively easy but i can not find any documentation on on how to add styles to the 'styles' drop down menu. can anyone push me in the right direction?

Best Solution

The styles dropdown is automatically populated based on classes found in your theme's typography.css file. To add classes, just ensure that they are defined there. Alternatively, if you want to give the classes friendlier names or to remove some classes from the list, you can explicitly define the styles that you want listed by putting this in your _config.php file.

    'Name 1=class1;Name 2=class2');

It's a feature provided by TinyMCE, the WYSIWYG editor component, and this line is just setting the theme_advanced_styles setting of TinyMCE when used by the CMS. This thread on the TinyMCE site also discusses it.

Also note Markus' answer below: editor.css needs to be in the theme css folder and include the typography.css.

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