R – Slow Flash Animation on some mobile phones


I have this flash animation (flash lite 1.1) and the problem is that on my phone it's quite slow.

It looks like as it was 5-6 FPS….

Could anyone tell me why and how to make it faster?

Thank you in advance.

Here are the swf and fla files:

Edit: tested on SonyEricsson K550, W610, W300 and W880

Best Solution

Performance problems in Flash Lite are usually best addressed by simplifying the rendering - making animations shorter, smaller, and using less complicated contents. Some specific ideas that often increase performance are:

  • Complicated vectors, non-device text, and gradients are all costly to render. Replace them with bitmaps (if you can do so without exceeding memory constraints).
  • Limit the use of transparency, and limit the number of layers involved.