Spring Boot SSL Client


I am new to Spring Boot. So far I am enjoying it. I have developed a demo SSL rest web server that correctly handles mutual X.509 certificate authentication. Using an IE browser with self signed client & server certificates, I have tested that the demo rest web server is working correctly — both the server and browser are successfully exchanging and validating each others certificates.

I am having trouble finding an SSL client example that shows how to include the client certificate and issue the https. Anybody have a simple rest client example that shows how to consume my ssl server?

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Steve Mansfield

Best Solution

Given that you're using Spring, here's an example that shows how to use Spring's RestTemplate and Apache's HttpClient configured with a client certificate and to trust a self-signed certificate from the server:

KeyStore keyStore = KeyStore.getInstance(KeyStore.getDefaultType());
keyStore.load(new FileInputStream(new File("keystore.jks")),
SSLConnectionSocketFactory socketFactory = new SSLConnectionSocketFactory(
        new SSLContextBuilder()
                .loadTrustMaterial(null, new TrustSelfSignedStrategy())
                .loadKeyMaterial(keyStore, "password".toCharArray()).build());
HttpClient httpClient = HttpClients.custom().setSSLSocketFactory(socketFactory).build();
ClientHttpRequestFactory requestFactory = new HttpComponentsClientHttpRequestFactory(
RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate(requestFactory);
ResponseEntity<String> response = restTemplate.getForEntity(
        "https://localhost:8443", String.class);