Amazon-web-services – SSH EC2 asking for password


I've just setup my EC2 server following this video here exactly –

I even chose the same server type, everything went well until it asked for the root password to my EC2 server…

Any suggestions?

Best Solution


Updating this answer because of the activity:

Depending on if the system is ubuntu or Rhel the user varies.

For ubuntu it is

ssh -i my-pem-file.pem ubuntu@my-ec2-instance-address

For RHEL it is

ssh -i my-pem-file.pem root@my-ec2-instance-address

Connecting to an ec2 instance does not require a password, it would require only a pem file and this is how you connect to it

ssh -i my-pem-file.pem ec2-user@my-instance-address

and remember to chmod 400 your pem file before ssh'ing