SSRS sum of row group for corresponding column


I have a report that has row groups for customer MembershipLength (1 year account, 2 year account, etc.) then a sub group of rows for customer Status (active, inactive, etc.) Then I have columns for customer types.

Ultimately I want to add a column that will calcualate the percentage of the subtotal for the corresponding customer type. However, if I break it down and just try to get the sum of the row group for a customer type I can only get both customer types. I only want the MembershipLength customer count for the corresponding customer type.

=Sum(Fields!ZO.Value,"matrix1_MembershipLength") will give me a total for both customer types when I only want it for the corresponding column matrix1_CustomerType

I posted the same question on the MSDN forum HERE but haven't got the answer I am looking for yet. However, this might illustrate it better.

Best Solution

try this:


without a clearer explination this is all i can figure out.

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