Swift – Static vs class functions/variables in Swift classes


The following code compiles in Swift 1.2:

class myClass {
    static func myMethod1() {
    class func myMethod2() {
    static var myVar1 = ""

func doSomething() {
    myClass.myVar1 = "abc"

What is the difference between a static function and a class function? Which one should I use, and when?

If I try to define another variable class var myVar2 = "", it says:

Class stored properties not yet supported in classes; did you mean 'static'?

When this feature is supported, what will the difference be between a static variable and a class variable (i.e. when both are defined in a class)? Which one should I use, and when?

(Xcode 6.3)

Best Solution

static and class both associate a method with a class, rather than an instance of a class. The difference is that subclasses can override class methods; they cannot override static methods.

class properties will theoretically function in the same way (subclasses can override them), but they're not possible in Swift yet.