Strange 404/j_security_check error with Websphere 6.1


I have a websphere 6.1 configuration and the application is running, but some requests go to j_security_check but the last one (there are filters associated with J_security_check) will generate a 404 error.

For example:

(1) User posts to:
And it works on Filter1,
but later requests to Filter2 get a 404 error.

(1a) Note, the following filters are associated with j_security_check:


The code reaches the filter code:

chain.doFilter(req, res);

WASReqURL has the following cookie value, this is needed by j_security_check:

Ideally, the client should end up on 'http://localhost:9081/Test/test.html'

But, I get a 404 error at a subsequent request to j_security_check:

Also, here is relevant snippet in the web.xml file.


The question is, what controls 'J_security_check' from the websphere perspective.

Websphere Server 6.1, local box

Best Solution

Go to Application servers > server1 > Web container > Custom Properties and make sure the variable is set to true. This variable serves as the j_security_check switch for the application.

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