Stress Testing ASP.Net application


what are different ways that we can do some optimum level of stress testing for application before moving it to the production environment ?

Best Solution

Here is the free tool for the stress testing in application.

Another is called performance engineering which will tell how we can stress application.

Also go through the following post:

Best way to stress test a website

From my experience before moving to the production environment please take of following things.

  1. set debug=false into the web.config

  2. set trace enabled=false into the web.config

  3. Always use precompiled version of your code.

  4. Compile your project into the release mode.

  5. Publish your code if you are using 2.0 or higher version

  6. User caching api as much as possible.

  7. Decrease your html kb.

  8. remove blank spaces from the html code.

  9. Use stylesheet as external .css file

  10. USE IIS Compression if poosible.

  11. Put your javascript file in .js files

  12. Use Server.Transfer instead of Response.redirect

  13. Use Inproc Session State if possible.

  14. Use Viewstate efficiently- Use controlstate instead of viewstate which is newer feature in 2.0

  15. Avoid giving big name to controls it will increase your html kb.

  16. Use Div instead of tables it will decrease your size.

  17. Do IIS Performance tuning as per your requirement

Here is the good link that teaches us good way of deployment in production environment.