Ruby-on-rails – Subdomains and locally installed Rails app


I can't figure out what I'm overlooking, perhaps it's obvious or lack of understanding.

The app I'm working with uses subdomains which on the hosting server work properly. I figured locally installing would kick up some issues around routing, so I read up on making changes to /etc/hosts and using the Ghost gem. Both seem to work fine i.e. localhost:3000/ becomes myapp.local:3000 but I don't understand how to go about logging into a subdomain account. Here's an example…

  • myapp.local:3000/session/new = the default login page for the app
  • myapp.local:3000/signup = default signup page
    • I can create an account here e.g. Sub1
    • The thank you page is shown w/ the reference to which points to the hosted app (the local db shows this domain as well)
  • sub1.myapp.local manually added to /etc/hosts and dscacheutil -flushcache
  • sub1.myapp.local:3000/session/new is the subdomain
    • login attempts return that this isn't a valid domain. This seems to make sense because the local db shows the url as on the hosting server.

So my question is whether there's a local workaround that I can use for development or have I totally missed a fundamental concept along the way?

Best Solution

you might just want to try putting the actual dot com in your /etc/hosts file.


what this usually does is trick your computer into thinking it is the host of all of those, so you can't go to the real site anymore in a web browser.

if you do want it to be .local, presumably so that you can refer to the real online site while working on a local copy, you should probably take a look in app/controllers/application_controller.rb (sometimes application.rb) and look for logic in there that helps determine what to do depending on the subdomain. maybe its hard coded to only look for a .com or something.

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