SVN: How to get the first revision of a file


When working with a subdirectory in a repository, how to find the revision when that specific directory has been added to the repository? By using "svn info http://.." I can find out when it was modified for the last time ("Last Changed Rev"), but I also need to find out the revision number of the commit when that directory (or file) was added for the first time (it's "first" revision).

I have been searching for that at the "SVN book", googling, but, obviously, I got no results.

Note: I need this for making a PHP script which downloads logs and stores them locally, just to make it clear and avoid "use tortoise/svnx/versions/you_name_it application" 😉

Best Solution

You could use svn log, with a reverse revision range:

svn log -r 1:HEAD --limit 1 <REPO_URL>