R – TeamCity Projects and Multiple SVN Branches


In the spirit of keeping my SVN trunk clean and ready for deployment, I've been utilizing the following source control model. For the impatient, the basic concept is that you create development branches to do actual development, and leave the trunk clean and ready for deployment, at any time (no junk in the trunk).

In addition to this, I am configuring TeamCity for continuous integration. Within TeamCity, I'd like to ensure that all development branches, as well as the deployment-ready branch (the trunk, in my case) build correctly and pass all unit tests.

This might be a stupid question, but not being overly familiar with TeamCity, should I create a new TeamCity project for each branch? The deployment-ready branch, in particular, has a few additional rules than the development branch. For example, releases should be saved in versioned directories on the file system (e.g., C:\Projects\MyProject\1.0.187…, C:\Projects\MyProject\1.0.188…) to enable easy access to the binaries, at any point in time. On the other hands, saving versioned copies of the assemblies in the development branches is not necessary and would waste hard disk space.

Within TeamCity, I'd prefer to see only a single project for each software project. In other words, if my company is working on X number of development projects, I'd prefer to see that project listed only once, not X * 2 (assuming each project has only two branches).

Best Solution

You only need to create a single project, but you will need multiple build configurations - 1 for each branch. As far as I know, you can't customize the artifact folder name on disk (it's an auto-increment number), however you can download all artifacts as a zip file in TeamCity 4.5 from the UI. There is also a scheduler included with TeamCity that lets you cleanup artifacts so they don't consume too much disk space.