Delphi – Temporary table resource limit


i have two applications (server and client), that uses TQuery connected with TClientDataSet through TDCOMConnection,
and in some cases clientdataset opens about 300000 records and than application throws exception "Temporary table resource limit".

Is there any workaround how to fix this? (except "do not open such huge dataset"?)

update: oops i'm sorry there is 300K records, not 3 millions..

Best Solution

The error might be from the TQuery rather than the TClientDataSet. When using a TQuery it creates a temporary table and it might be this limit that you are hitting. However in saying this, loading 3,000,000 records into a TClientDataSet is a bad idea also as it will try to load every record into memory - which maybe possible if they are only a few bytes each but it is probably still going to kill your machine (obviously at 1kb each you are going to need 3GB of RAM minimum).

You should try to break your data into smaller chunks. If it is the TQuery failing this will mean adjusting the SQL (fewer fields / fewer records) or moving to a better database (the BDE is getting a little tired after all).

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