Text editors with vim mode


I've come across ViEmu, and I read the very motivating article: Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi?

Anyway, I've come to like the command mode in vim, specially the motions, and I also like the idea behind ViEmu, which is to bring "vim mode" into a typical text editor.

What other editors have a similar "vim mode" or a plugin that provides the functionality?

Best Solution

I am a huge fan of vim myself, so whenever I am trying a new IDE, I am instantly looking for a vim plugin. Here is a short list of plugins that I found:

Also, a couple of editors/IDEs have built-in vim mode:

  • AbiWord word processor supports vi keybindings.
  • Kate text editor includes a vi mode.
  • QtCreator has FakeVim mode.
  • Sublime Text has vintage mode.
  • Even Emacs has viper-mode!
  • bash, gdb, mysql-client, and many other applications use the GNU Readline library to interact with the user. Readline includes a vi mode.
  • In Bourne-style shells like ksh and zsh, type set -o vi to enable vi-like command-line editing.
  • ViEmu works also in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SQL Server and Word!

Bonus - web browsers! Really, try it, it is awesome!

  • Firefox - vimperator
  • Chromium/Chrome - cvim / vimium
  • Sadly, all of vi plugins for Opera seem outdated.

Please let me know if I forgot something, I would be happy to extend the list. For a more extensive list (sometimes sadly outdated), please see this article.