R – TFS checkin RSS feed


How can I to generate an RSS feed of Team Foundation Server commit messages?

In Visual Studio's Source Control Explorer, the "View History" option produces a nice GUI view. Likewise, the command line

tf history /recursive /stopafter:40 . 

produces a nice GUI view. I'd like an RSS feed that would supply the same, or similar, information — or even a way to wring some text out of TFS that I can reconstitute into RSS.

This is similar to the question, Sending SVN commits to an RSS feed, but I do have control over the private TFS repository.

Best Solution

One of the links from Grant's answer seems even better than the original page. It contains source code for ASPX file that generates an RSS feed of TFS checkins which returns information about the most recent N checkins:


I haven't tried it out yet, and it doesn't appear to include the checkin comment, which is the most important part from my perspective.