The best color combination for readability, easy of use, and reduced eye strain?


I am trying to pick out the optimal set of colors for a new website project.

I want to do a traditional black on white look and feel for the main content. However my partner on the project wants to do a color combination that more looks like the traditional Windows Forms look and feel.

Is there any research available on the best color combination's to use for readability, ease of use, and reduced eye strain?

Best Solution

  • Here are some tips and a study on color-scheming for the color-blind or visually impaired.
  • If you want to use complementary colors, or more than two colors, here are some good guidelines [pdf].
  • Here are some tools from the NIST to automatically evaluate website usability.

And if the above just will not do, this page has more useful Links than the entire Zelda series.

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