The maximum file size I can transfer using HTTP? And using FTP


Added: I am conducting a study for a new system we're going to develop in my work. It consists in authenticating users, displaying what files they want to download and downloading them. Also, if the files are not readily available, the user can't download them, but the server obtains a copy of the requested file and notifies the user by mail when he can get the file. We expect files to be tipically from 2 to 50 gigabytes in size, for now.

I just want to check if it's possible to write a Web application to solve the problem or if we need to make a client-server solution.

Best Solution

There is no maximum. Any max you are encountering is application specific or site specific.

I've downloaded DVD isos from Microsoft using HTTP and FTP without issue (~4gb).

I've also uploaded huge files via both methods.

Can you elaborate on what you're trying to do?