R – the most cost effective way for me to sign all the apps


I've developed quite a number of shareware programs over the last number of years and I sell 10 or so online, I've noticed with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and now even my AV scanner warns me my programs aren't signed. So what is the most affordable way for me to sign my many installers? I don't want to pay per program as this would be expensive as I develop a lot and post many as freeware.


Best Solution

Just checked prices of various provides you can buy Code Signing Certificates from (prices represent best value per year converted from local currency to USD):

  • Comodo $166.55
  • Thwate $274.50
  • Global Sign $218.74
  • VeriSign $431.67
  • GoDaddy $106.36

I looked into this before for the Open Source software I contribute to, decided I couldn't justify the personal expense.

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