The relation between scrum agile and RUP?


RUP in the dialogue with Scrum

There is a relation between Agile and RUP. Actually I though that Agile development was a type of RUP. In the article from IBM above you can see that they are fitting the model to RUP.

Does someone has any practical explanation of the relation between these three interesting concepts.

Best Solution

Agile in an umbrella term for methods like XP, Scrum, Crystal, DSDM, FDD,... that share common principles. The Unified Process is a framework that can be used to describe a development process, RUP being one instantiation of UP based on Rational's tools. UP predates most Agile methods and may or may not be considered as Agile. What they have in common is that both Agile methods and UP are Iterative and Incremental Development (IID) methods.