Git – The shortest possible output from git log containing author and date


How can I show a git log output with (at least) this information:

* author
* commit date
* change

I want it compressed to one line per log entry. What's the shortest possible format for that?

(tried --format=oneline but that does not show the date)

Best Solution

git log --pretty=format:"%h%x09%an%x09%ad%x09%s"

did the job. This outputs:

  fbc3503 mads    Thu Dec 4 07:43:27 2008 +0000   show mobile if phone is null...   
  ec36490 jesper  Wed Nov 26 05:41:37 2008 +0000  Cleanup after [942]: Using timezon
  ae62afd tobias  Tue Nov 25 21:42:55 2008 +0000  Fixed #67 by adding time zone supp
  164be7e mads    Tue Nov 25 19:56:43 2008 +0000  fixed tests, and a 'unending appoi
  93f1526 jesper  Tue Nov 25 09:45:56 2008 +0000  adding as time zone 
  2f0f8c1 tobias  Tue Nov 25 03:07:02 2008 +0000  Timezone configured in environment
  a33c1dc jesper  Tue Nov 25 01:26:18 2008 +0000  updated to most recent will_pagina

Inspired by stackoverflow question: "git log output like svn ls -v", i found out that I could add the exact params I needed.

To shorten the date (not showing the time) use --date=short

In case you were curious what the different options were:
%h = abbreviated commit hash
%x09 = tab (character for code 9)
%an = author name
%ad = author date (format respects --date= option)
%s = subject
From (PRETTY FORMATS section) by comment of Vivek.