Google-chrome – Tips / Resources for building a Google Chrome plugin


After test driving Google Chrome for 30 minutes or so, I like it, even if it seems bare-bones at the moment. The obvious way to add a few things I can't live without would be through plugins. Does anyone have any links to resources on how to get started building a plugin/addon for Chrome? Thanks.

Best Solution

Matt Cutts (the Google SEO guru) has a Q&A about chrome, and writes about it:

Q: But I can’t install extension X! Google Chrome is dead to me if I can’t use extension X!
A: Then you’ll have to use another browser for a while. Google Chrome currently doesn’t support browser extensions (it does support plug-ins, such as Flash). I’m sure that extensions/add-ons are something that the Chrome team would like to do down the road, but the Chrome team will be a bit busy for a while, what with the feedback from the launch plus working on Mac and Linux support. I’d suggest that you give Google Chrome a try for a few days to see if enjoy browsing even without extension X. A lot of really cool extension-like behaviors such as resize-able textareas and drag-and-drop file upload are already built into Google Chrome.