R – Tools and methods for localization of ASP.NET application needed


We have a multilingual site that is currently using 2 languages, but with several others coming soon. The site is localized primarily by resx files, but with some localized data in a database.

We need to find some tools to manage localization of the site – something that picks up on changes in resx files so translators will only need to translate new or updated texts.

Any ideas or recommendations? We're also interested in any articles about the logistics of localization if anyone has some.

Best Solution

I'm researching this area as we speak and I came across your post. I'm not sure if this is any help but in the past we used RCWinTrans for our localization. This was for mutiple C++/MFC products although it does support .Net . We would have a RCWinTrans project for each language/product we intended to support although you could have multiple languages in a single project. It kept track of state (i.e. not-translated, translated, changed, etc) and would allow us to export the strings to an excel spreadsheet which we could then send onto a translator. They would updated the spreadsheet and we would reimport the data.

Hope this helps, apologies if I'm on the wrong track and I'm teaching grandma to suck egss. I will be creating another thread today with a similar requirement to this btw, but with a few more snagettes - might be worth a look to see if I get any answers. Cheers, Roger