TortoiseSVN Error: “OPTIONS of ‘https://…’ could not connect to server (…)”


I'm trying to setup a new computer to synchronize with my SVN repository that's hosted with

I get this error:

![SVN Error][1] – removed image shack image that had been replaced by an advert

Here's what I did (these have worked in the past):

  1. Downloaded and installed TortoiseSVN

  2. Created a new folder C:\aspwebsite

  3. Right-clicked, chose SVN Checkout…

  4. Entered the following information, clicked OK:

  5. Got TortoiseSVN error:

Rather than getting the error, TortoiseSVN should have asked for my username and password and then downloaded about 90MB.

Why can't I checkout from my Subversion repository?

Kent Fredric wrote:

Either their security certificate has
expired, or their hosting is

Contact CVSDude and ask them whats up.

It could also be a timeout, because
for me their site is exhaustively

It errors after only a couple seconds. I don't think it's a timeout.

Matt wrote:

Try visiting
and see what happens. If you can visit
it in your browser, you ought to be
able to get the files in your SVN
client and we can work from there. If
it fails, then there's your answer.

I can access the site in a web browser.

Best Solution

Check you proxy settings in TortoiseSVN->Settings->Network.

Maybe they are configured differently than in your web browser.

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