Windows – Tracking CPU and Memory usage per process


I suspect that one of my applications eats more CPU cycles than I want it to. The problem is – it happens in bursts, and just looking at the task manager doesn't help me as it shows immediate usage only.

Is there a way (on Windows) to track the history of CPU & Memory usage for some process. E.g. I will start tracking "firefox", and after an hour or so will see a graph of its CPU & memory usage during that hour.

I'm looking for either a ready-made tool or a programmatic way to achieve this.

Best Solution

Just type perfmon into Start > Run and press enter. When the Performance window is open, click on the + sign to add new counters to the graph. The counters are different aspects of how your PC works and are grouped by similarity into groups called "Performance Object".

For your questions, you can choose the "Process", "Memory" and "Processor" performance objects. You then can see these counters in real time

You can also specify the utility to save the performance data for your inspection later. To do this, select "Performance Logs and Alerts" in the left-hand panel. (It's right under the System Monitor console which provides us with the above mentioned counters. If it is not there, click "File" > "Add/remove snap-in", click Add and select "Performance Logs and Alerts" in the list".) From the "Performance Logs and Alerts", create a new monitoring configuration under "Counter Logs". Then you can add the counters, specify the sampling rate, the log format (binary or plain text) and log location.

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