Try to svn checkout, but get: svn: ‘.’ is already a working copy for a different URL


I'm trying to svn checkout into my public_html folder, but I get this error:
svn: '.' is already a working copy for a different URL

My brother already set up a boiler plate site for me, but I've changed it and put those changes into a repo of my own. How do I make this folder not be a working copy of the repo he set up originally?

Can I delete the public_html folder and make a new one? I'm fine with starting from scratch, as I'm going to just checkout an already installed drupal site onto this site.

I saw in another question that a solution may be to simply delete the .svn directory. I tried this, but it said permission denied for several subdirectories in .svn.

Thanks in advance for ANY help, hope this question isn't too dumb…

Best Solution

You could try "svn switch". In the example at http://, it's as easy as:

 $ svn switch http://

But since you have subdirectory permissions issues, your plan to re-create public_html sounds like the best solution; just beware of typos with 'rm'. Try 'mv' to just move the old directory out of the way, which doesn't depend on subdirectory permissions.

You can use:

 $ mv public_html old_public_html
 $ mkdir public_html
 $ chmod 755 public_html
 $ cd public_html
 $ svn checkout url