R – TSVNCache.exe is heating up the Mac


I run windows in a VMWare partition. At times, TSVNCache.exe process starts doing some weird things (Seems like its doing an endless loop of I/O operations). Suddenly my whole VMWare session starts slowing down. My mac heats up badly. In the sense its freaking hot.

My question is what is this TSVNCache process anyway ?, seems like I can do pretty much everything on the SVN repository without it.

Best Solution

It's what produces the overlaid icons in Explorer that tell you whether files/directories are modified, conflicted etc or not.

There have been several fixes to it recently, make sure you have the latest version of TortoiseSVN. Performance will also improve if you minimize the set of things SVN has to check - tell it to ignore any temporary directories, object file directories etc.

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