Tutorials for Wii programming


I have a Nintendo Wii, and I've got devkitpro working to load some simple programs. The example source code that I've been able to find is very simplistic, such as drawing and rotating a simple shape.

I've been looking for more in depth tutorials, and I haven't been able to find much. Most of the applications available on wiibrew are open source, so I could look through those. However, I'd rather have something that's a little more geared towards teaching certain techniques, rather than have to browse through someone else's code to find the answer.

What are some good tutorials? Currently I'm stuck at just getting alpha (translucent) colours to work, but I'm also interested in getting lighting and other more advanced graphics techniques working.

Best Solution

I'm going to provide you with some nice links:

Another very good resource is WiiBrew, here are some development specific links:

I know you've been to WiiBrew before but it's a very good resource, even if you want to go advanced. Good luck and have fun programming for Wii! (But please, don't make another Fitness-game ;) )

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