R – Unable to hide a running process in terminal


I yesterday upgraded by MacPorts' apps which took apparently about 4 hours.
It was irritating to see the installation process going on in one tab in terminal.

Problem: to hide a running process in terminalsuch that it does not take space in my working area

I found today that there a new command coproc in Bash 4:

coprocess is executed asynchronously
in a subshell, as if the command
established between the executing shell and the coprocess

I am not sure whether you can use it to solve the problem or not. I did not manage to use it.

How can you hide the running process such that it is not visible in terminal but it continues to run?

Best Solution

Did you consider Ctrl + Z to put the process in pause, then bg to run this one in background?

To detach your process from the terminal, you can then type disown. You can now close the terminal, and even your session.

The problem here is that the outputs will appear anyway in the bash.

You can also start your program in screen. This command provide an easy way to start a program, close the console and retrieve it later.