R – Unable to understand two lines in .screenrc


I do not know how you can see the effects of following lines in your screen

bind ^g  screen -t 'Google' links www.google.com

bind G screen -t 'Google'    sudo -u insec links www.google.com

I tried unsuccessfully to press Ctrl-g at a word in a scrollback mode.
I also tried to search clickable words unsuccessfully in my manuals by

man man

How can you see the effects of the lines?

Best Solution

To try the bind ^g line, press Ctrl-A Ctrl-G.

To try the bind G line, press Ctrl-A Shift-G.

All those key bindings work inside screen if the bind lines are in $HOME/.screenrc and you have started screen after saving $HOME/.screenrc. To see if you have screen running, press Ctrl-A V (without shift). This will show you (in reverse color) the version number of screen at the bottom row in the window. If you don't get this information, you have to start screen first, by typing screen and pressing Enter.

The get more information about defining custom key bindings in GNU screen, please read the entry for bind in the CUSTOMIZATION section of the man page of screen.