UNIX ssh script, running commands on remote server


I would like to create a script that automatically logs into a remote server and grabs a file on the server. The script already logs into the server however the commands are not run on that machine. Once I disconnect from the remote server, the commands are run on the client machine.

ssh -o PreferredAuthentications=publickey brjones@server.com
cd ~/folder
"i would like to grab file and copy it to client machines folder"

EDIT: I am not sure if you noticed but I am used a passwordless connection to the remote server using ssh and keygeneration. I appreciate the ideas but I am looking to possibly pipe commands or run commands on the remote server with the script on the client. I realize that the remote server does not have access to the client script, however I was curious if it was possible to pipe the commands through the ssh connection.

Best Solution

You should be using scp ("secure copy") rather than ssh ("secure shell").