Regex – Using regular expressions to do mass replace in Notepad++ and Vim


So I've got a big text file which looks like the following:

<option value value='1' >A
<option value value='2' >B
<option value value='3' >C
<option value value='4' >D

It's several hundred lines long and I really don't want to do it manually. The expression that I'm trying to use is:

<option value='.{1,}' >

Which is working as intended when i run it through several online regular expression testers. I basically want to remove everything before A, B, C, etc. The issue is when I try to use that expression in Vim and Notepad++, it can't seem to find anything.

Best Solution

In Notepad++ you don't need to use Regular Expressions for this.

Hold down alt to allow you to select a rectangle of text across multiple rows at once. Select the chunk you want to be rid of, and press delete.