R – Using Resharper Unit Test Runner for MSTest via Gallio


I am attempting to get the Resharper test runner to recognize my MSTest unit tests via Gallio.

I have the following installed:
VSTS 2005 8.0.50727.762
Resharper 4.1

I am also running Windows XP x64.

The unit test options only shows NUnit as being available. I am thinking that I must have some versioning wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction? Am I barking up the wrong tree and this is only works in VS2k8?

UPDATE: Well I updated Gallio to GallioBundle- and it now shows up in the unit test options for R#. But I get the following error when running tests in either R# or Icarus:

Failures Cannot
run tests because the
MSTest executable was not found


Best Solution

I'm not sure if this applies to your question, but the latest news on the Gallio site states :

Gallio and ReSharper 4.0
A few people have asked when Gallio will support the final release of ReSharper 4.0. Unfortunately there were some last-minute breaking changes between ReSharper 4.0 Beta and the Final release. So the ReSharper plugin in Gallio Alpha 3 Update 2 will not work anymore. No matter... we plan to release another update of Gallio later this week.

Update: just saw this applied to an earlier version than you were using so disregard that.