VB.NET – Click Submit Button on Webbrowser page


I have a html page open on my webbrowser object, I can enter username and password okay, but I'm stuck and don't know how to submit the info. Here is the html code for the username/password submit:

<div id="signin">
    <h2 class="ir">
        <em></em>Sign in</h2>
    <form action="/login/" method="post">
    <input id="login-url" name="login[url]" 
           type="hidden" value="/characters/" />
    <input id="login-urlError" name="login[urlError]" 
           type="hidden" value="/account/?error=1" />
            <li class="row">
                <label for="login-username">
                    Username <span class="req">*</span>
                <input id="login-username" name="login[username]"
                        type="text" class="TextBox" value="" />
            <li class="row">
                <label for="login-password">
                    Password <span class="req">*</span>
                <input id="login-password" name="login[password]"
                       type="password" class="TextBox Password" value="" />
            <li class="but">
                <input name="login[submit]" type="image" 
                       class="img" alt="Login &raquo;" 
                       src="/_pub/img/hp/but-login.png" />
        <a href="/account/password-reset/">ACCOUNT TROUBLE?</a>

I use the following to enter the username and password:

WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("login-username").SetAttribute("Value", Information.txtuser.Text)
WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("login-password").SetAttribute("Value", Information.txtpass.Text)

What should I use to submit the info now? I tried getting the element by name and kept getting index out of range error, index should be -1 or 0, but it was.

Your help would be greatly appriecated!!

Best Solution

WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById(*element id string*).InvokeMember("submit")

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