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Let me try rephrasing this:

I am looking for a robust RDF store or library with the following features:

  • Named graphs, or some other form of reification.
  • Version tracking (probably at the named graph level).
  • Privacy between groups of users, either at named graph or triple level.
  • Human-readable data input and output, e.g. TriG parser and serialiser.

I've played with Jena, Sesame, Boca, RDFLib, Redland and one or two others some time ago but each had its problems. Have any improved in the above areas recently? Can anything else do what I want, or is RDF not yet ready for prime-time?

Reading around the subject a bit more, I've found that:

Best Solution

Talis is the obvious choice, but privacy may be an issue, or perceived issue anyway, since its a SaaS offering. I say obvious because the three emboldened features in your list are core features of their platform IIRC.

They don't have a features list as such - which makes it hard to back up this answer, but they do say that stores of data can be individually secured. I suppose you could - at a pinch - sign up to a separate store on behalf of each of your own users.

Human readable input is often best supported by writing custom interfaces for each user-task, so you best be prepared to do that as needs demand.

Regarding prime-time readiness. I'd say yes for some applications but otherwise "not quite". Mostly the community needs to integrate with existing developer toolsets and write good documentation aimed at "ordinary" developers - probably OO developers using Java, .NET and Ruby/Groovy - and then I predict it will snowball.

See also Temporal Scope for RDF triples

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