R – Visual Studio Report Viewer Control 2008


I used the Report Viewer Control with SQL 2005 a few years ago. Back then I had to download and install the control manually, even for development, if I remember this correctly.
It appears that VS 2008 is supposed to come with this control, and it is supposed to be in the Data section in the Toolbox. I am using VS 2008 Database Edition and don't have a report viewer control in the data section.
Is the documentation wrong or does the Database edition of Visual Studio not come with the Report Viewer control?

Best Solution

If you are refering to the MicrosoftReportViewer, mine is under the Reporting Section.

OK, right click in the Database section, and select choose items, it should bring a box containing controls that can be added. Scroll down to ReportViewer. I have 2 available, one Winforms, one WebForms. Select the Winforms component.