Wpf – Wavy underlines in a FlowDocument


In WPF, is there an easy way to add wavy underlines (like spelling errors in Word) to FlowDocument elements? There's the Underline class, but there seems to be no way to style it.

Best Solution

You can create the wavy effect using the following changes to Robert Macne's solution

Add a visual brush to the Grid.Resources section:

<VisualBrush x:Key="WavyBrush" Viewbox="0,0,3,2" ViewboxUnits="Absolute" Viewport="0,0.8,6,4" ViewportUnits="Absolute" TileMode="Tile">
        <Path Data="M 0,1 C 1,0 2,2 3,1" Stroke="Red" StrokeThickness="0.2" StrokeEndLineCap="Square" StrokeStartLineCap="Square" />

And change the pen to:

<Pen Brush="{StaticResource WavyBrush}" Thickness="6" />