R – way to run Trac offline


I'd like to download the Trac database so I can view its tickets offline. Is there anyway to achieve this? I.e. if I need to leave the office and bring my laptop with me, how can I bring the tickets with me without having to connect to the company network?

I know that Mylyn can download and sync tickets via it's trac connector but I'd like some stand-alone viewer.

Best Solution

See Simple Defects (SD).

I particularly like the "One-tweet install" idea.

I’m installing #SD (http://syncwith.us) 
after reading about it on #StackOverflow
curl fsck.com/sd|perl; 
export $PATH=~/sd/bin:$PATH; sd

Note that you can clone Trac (and other bugtrackers) in SD:

sd clone --from trac:https://trac.parrot.org/parrot
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