R – Weather webservice that returns HDD & CDD for a ZIP code and month


I'm looking for a webservice that will accept two arguments, ZIP code and month, and returh the heating degree days (HDD) and cooling degree days (CDD) for that ZIP code and month. I am positive that the Weather Service (www.weather.gov) has this information — I get it manually from their website every month.

What I'm asking is whether there is a webservice that does this already?


Best Solution

After exhaustive research, I can now say, "No". Damn.

The data is available (http://cdo.ncdc.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/climatenormals/climatenormals.pl?directive=prod_select&subrnum=) but no one has set up a webservice.

Data is also available from www.degreedays.net

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