R – What are the best practices for the AspNetDevelopmentServerHost attribute


We have a Web Application Project (dozens actually..) that has a testing project attached to it. In the testing project I have a simple unit test which exercises a couple of methods.

Running locally, the unit test executes and works.

However, when our TFS Build server attempts to execute the test, it fails with a error about an invalid path for the AspNetDevelopmentServerHost attribute. Other team members can execute it just fine.

The problem is that the root of my TFS Workspace is set to c:\projects\ One of the team members has theirs set to c:\tfs2008\ The TFS Build server on the other hand sets the pathToWebRoot variable to "c:\blahblah\Release_PublishedWebsites…" Which results in a bad path.

Due to the number of projects we have, I can't have everyone reset an environment variable every time they switch projects.

So, what are the best practices with regards to unit testing web projects in a team environment? The MSDN site article was in true microsoft fashion less than helpful.

Best Solution

you should specify the string %pathtowebroot%\\WebSiteName in the ,pathToWebApp parameter of the AspNetDevelopmentServer or AspNetDevelopmentServerHost attribute.