R – What build system has the best support for cross platform driver, library and GUI builds


What would be the best choice of build system for a more than one million line multi platform project, which produces drivers, libraries, command line tools, GUIs, and OS install packages for all the mainstream OSes, using both the GNU and Microsoft toolchains?

Our source code is mainly C, with Python, C# and GNU makefile, and a little C++ and bash. It resides mainly in one repository, but we push source code to various third parties all of whom have their source code code repositories. There is also some interest in keeping the build fast, which might involve splitting up the project.

Currently we use a mixture of GNU make, bash, python and Microsoft's DDKBUILD. The main problems are that we are maintaining a complex set of scripts on top of make and would prefer to use third party (preferably open source) tools, and that cygwin is not proving to be robust on Windows (e.g. fork isn't always possible), and that our current build system does not build or install the toolchain so is vulnerable to tool chain version changes.

Best Solution

I vote for CMake, as a meta-building tool that really rewrite KDE4 build system from scratch -- and make KDE4 now a cross-platform desktop that even running on WindowsCE!

CMake is the carrier porting KDE4 to any OS on earth -- by generating Makefile( or vcprojs in Windows case) for about 40 OSes with relative toolchains!