What can you do with SharePoint on Intranet


We have had SharePoint where I work for a little while now, but we've not done a lot with it. We have an intranet with hundreds of ASP/ASP.Net applications and I'm wondering what kind of things can be done to integrate with SharePoint to make a more seamless environment? We put documentation and production move requests and so on in SharePoint now, but it pretty much feels like it's own separate system rather than an integrated tool on our intranet.

I've searched around to see what other people are doing with SharePoint but I've been finding a lot of useless information.

Best Solution

A great idea for you would be move your most used asp.net apps to run within the SharePoint site. Each app can be added either as a control directly on a pagelayout or integrated into a webpart (use the webpart to load child controls).

This would allow you to use the flexible moss interface to move the asp.net app into a unified information architecture so people can find the app easily.

SharePoint is really easy to roll out something that works, but creating a seamless intranet does require a bit of thinking outside of SharePoint itself (i.e. what should go where, which users need to see what, navigation structure...)

That is really a lot of work and requires lots of input from people outside the IT area.

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