What do the numbers in a version typically represent (i.e. v1.9.0.1)


Maybe this is a silly question, but I've always assumed each number delineated by a period represented a single component of the software. If that's true, do they ever represent something different? I'd like to start assigning versions to the different builds of my software, but I'm not really sure how it should be structured. My software has five distinct components.

Best Solution

In version

  • 1: Major revision (new UI, lots of new features, conceptual change, etc.)

  • 9: Minor revision (maybe a change to a search box, 1 feature added, collection of bug fixes)

  • 0: Bug fix release

  • 1: Build number (if used)—that's why you see the .NET framework using something like

You won't find a lot of apps going down to four levels, 3 is usually sufficient.