.net – What do you use to protect your .NET code from reverse engineering?


For a while we were using a tool called CodeVeil. I'm just wondering if there are better alternatives out there.

Edit: Before more people misunderstand the question, I'm aware that a determined cracker would probably be able to defeat any of these tools. I'm not too concerned about them though. These tools are just meant to stop the "casual cracker", and to stop people from stealing our company's IP. If they're good enough to get past a decent tool, they probably aren't interested in stealing our crappy code 😛

Best Solution

I've had a lot of success with Xenocode Postbuild. The tool can obfuscate .NET assemblies, protect agaist Reflector disassembly, combine .NET assemblies into a single executable ("virtualization") and even compile .NET applications to standalone executables that do not need .NET runtime installed.