Where does Console.WriteLine go in ASP.NET


In a J2EE application (like one running in WebSphere), when I use System.out.println(), my text goes to standard out, which is mapped to a file by the WebSphere admin console.

In an ASP.NET application (like one running in IIS), where does the output of Console.WriteLine() go? The IIS process must have a stdin, stdout and stderr; but is stdout mapped to the Windows version of /dev/null or am I missing a key concept here?

I'm not asking if I should log there (I use log4net), but where does the output go? My best info came from this discussion where they say Console.SetOut() can change the TextWriter, but it still didn't answer the question on what the initial value of the Console is, or how to set it in config/outside of runtime code.

Best Solution

If you use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(...) instead of Console.WriteLine(), then you can see the results in the Output window of Visual Studio.

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