Node.js – Where should I define JS function to call in EJS template


I am working on a template where I am trying to render template using express and ejs. As to the standard structure of node app, I have app.js file which which contains functions like following:

app.locals.getFlag = function(country) {
var flag_img_name = "";
if (country.toLowerCase() == "us") {
    flag_img_name = "flag_us16x13.gif";
else if (country.toLowerCase() == "ca"){
    flag_img_name = "flag_ca16x13.gif";
return flag_img_name;

I have some_template.ejs file which calls this function like follows:

<img src="http://some_url_path/<%=getFlag(data_point[0].country_name) %>" width="16" height="14" alt="country" >

and it works just fine. However, I have around 15-20 functions like this and I don't want to define all of them in app.js. Is there any other place where I can define these functions and call them in the template same way as I am doing now? If yes, what would be the way to define them so that they are accessible like they are right now.

I am new to node, express and ejs and not sure of different techniques. If someone could shed a light over it, it would be great. Thank you in advance.

Best Solution

Just posting this answer here for someone who would might end up on this question while resolving same issue.

All you have to do is create new file (say functions.ejs) and include it in the .ejs file where you want to call that function. So, I have function like this in file named functions.ejs:

getPriceChgArrow = function(value) {
    arrow_img_name = "";
    if (value < 0) {
        arrow_img_name = "arrow_down12x13.gif";
    else {
        arrow_img_name = "arrow_up12x13.gif";
    return arrow_img_name;

Then include functions.ejs into the file you want to call function from. Say, I want to call this function in quote.ejs file. So, I would include it as follows:

<% include *file_path*/functions %> 

Just use this function at appropriate location in your ejs file from where you want to call it. For example:

<img src = "http:/some_url/<% getPriceChgArrow(data_point[0].value) %>" />

and you are all set. Hope this helps someone.