Powershell – Where to put PowerShell scripts


(I can't believe I'm actually asking this, but I am out of brainpower for the day.)

I just wrote my first serious PowerShell script, and I'm really happy with it. I plan to use it every day or so. I want to be able to call it from the Posh command line. I'll give it a verb-noun type name, but for now it's a simple .ps1 and not one of those fancy advanced functions that take params and such.

So where should it go and how do I call it from a Posh command line? I plan to write more! Where should they go?

  • Should it be a function in my profile?
  • Should it go on my path?
  • Does it go in a PSMODULEPATH? What kind of stuff goes there anyway? Does it look recursively or is it just like the normal PATH?

Where do you all put your PowerShell scripts and how do you organize them? I've got a lot of experience making C# and C++ tools and know what to name them and where to put them. And at the other extreme I've done a lot of crappy .bat files which are usually standalone or piled in a heap in some folder. But PowerShell seems to be very different. You can make crappy .bat file type things in it really quickly, or you can be building libraries and sophisticated services with it.

I'd really love some ideas on how I should start organizing these things before I start. Obviously everybody is different, so I'm hoping for some discussion. Thanks!

Best Solution

I put my personal scripts in the same folder as my profile. I can then back up & version them together. My profile begins with:

$ProfileRoot = (Split-Path -Parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path)
$env:path += ";$ProfileRoot"