Visual-studio – Which plugin do you use for SVN in Visual Studio?


I'm considering using SVN for my .Net projects, and I'd like to know what plugins are available for integrating the source control capabilities directly into the Visual Studio IDE.

I already know about the following Visual Studio extensions:

  1. VisualSVN, which seems great but is not free. It is implemented as a low-level VS package extension. Is anyone using it?

  2. AnkhSVN, which is free but I've heard it's a bit buggy. It is implemented as a VS add-in extension. Is anyone using it? are you experiencing problems? Edit: The 2.0 version is a complete rewrite and seems to solve the problem I've heard about (which were related to the 1.x versions)

  3. Edit : TortoiseSVN + Mindscape's FileExplorer VS Extension, which is not a real IDE integration but somewhat eases the use of TortoiseSVN from Visual Studio.

Edit : I've found a few comparison posts between AnkhSVN and VisualSVN here, here and here.

Best Solution

I've used AnkhSVN for the past year and I've never had a problem with it. I switch between that and TFS and some of the times I think I prefer AnkhSVN to TFS.