R – Why doesn’t the string equality test for a single character work


How does one compare single character strings in Perl? Right now, I'm tryin to use "eq":

print "Word: " . $_[0] . "\n";
print "N for noun, V for verb, and any other key if the word falls into neither category.\n";
$category = <STDIN>;

print "category is...." . $category . "\n";

if ($category eq "N")
    print "N\n";
    push (@nouns, $_[0]);
elsif($category eq "V")
    print "V\n";
    push (@verbs, $_[0]);
    print "Else\n";
    push(@wordsInBetween, $_[0]);

But it isn't working. Regardless of the input, the else block is always executed.

Best Solution

How are you accepting the value of $category? If it is done like my $category = <STDIN>, you will have to chomp the newline at the end by:

chomp( my $category = <STDIN> );