Eclipse – Why eclipse is generating argument names as arg0,arg1,arg2…. for methods


When I try to access some class's method; eclipse gets that method but arguments inside that method are replaced by arg0, arg1, arg2…


Suppose I have this method in some class named

public int readXXX(int start, int end, String xxx) throws IOException {
    return 0;

When I try to access that method from an instance of class it shows me as follows:

readFile.readXXX(arg0, arg1, arg2);

It becomes hard to identify what I should pass in argument. The same thing also happens for java methods. i.e. when I implement interface all method under that will be generated but arguments in that methods are arg0, arg1…..

Is there any setting I can do prevent this?

I'm using Eclipse Galelio.

Best Solution

Eclipse can't work out the arguments because it can't find the source or javadoc attachments.

Make sure your source is attached.

To check, click on the method call readXXX and press F3 which should open the method declaration. If the source is not attached, Eclipse will say "Source not found" and will allow you to "Attach Source...".

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