Ruby-on-rails – Why is rake throwing this Rails migration error


I have two machines… a development machine and a production machine. When I first brought my rails app onto the production server, I had no problem. I simply imported schema.rb by running rake db:schema:load RAILS_ENV=production. All was well.

So, then on my development machine, I made some more changes and another migration, and then copy the new application over to the production machine. I then tried to update the database by running rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production. I get the following error:
"There is already an object named 'schema_migrations' in the database."

I'm thinking to myself, ya no kidding Rake… you created it! I ran trace on rake and it seems as if rake thinks it's the first time it's ever ran. However, by analyzing my 'schema_migrations' table on my development machine and my production machine you can see that there is a difference of one migration, namely the one that I want to migrate.

I have also tried to explicitly define the version number, but that doesn't work either.

Any ideas on how I can bring my production server up to date?


Let me start off by saying that I can't just 'drop' the database. It's a production server with a little over 100k records already in it. What happens if a similar problem occurs in the future? Am, I to just drop the table every time a database problem occurs? It might work this time, but it doesn't seem like a practical long term solution to every database problem. I doubt the problem I'm having now is unique to me.

  1. It sounds like the 'schema_info' table and the 'schema_migrations' table are the same. In my setup, I only have 'schema_migrations'. As stated previously, the difference between the 'schema_migrations' table on the production server and the development machine is just one record. That is, the record containing the version number of the change I want to migrate.

  2. From the book I read, 'Simply Rails 2', it states that when first moving to a production server, instead of running rake db:migrate, one should just run rake:db:schema:load.

  3. If it matters, I'm using Rails version 2.1.

Best Solution

This is a guess, I admit: I think that because you first ran db:schema:load instead of db:migrate in your production environment, you got the structure of your db, but not the data that migrate populates into your schema_info table. So now, when you run migrate in the production environment, there is no data in schema_info which is why migrate believes that it hasn't run yet (because it hasn't).

That said... you say that you have looked in the "schema_migrations" table, and that there is a difference of one version from dev to production... I haven't heard of that table, although I'm a few months behind on my rails version. Maybe you could try creating a "schema_info" table in the production environment, with a single "version" column, and add a row with the version that you believe your production environment to be on.